Isabeaux von der Zonser Heide

BH / VT            ZTP V 1 A

1 (A) = free

von Willebrand vWD type N/N = clear,
Dilute: D/d = heterozygot

After Macho died too early, another dog should come to us. Due to the good experiences with Basko and Ayla now again a bitch.
Because Index has always proven his above-average heredity in all the different bloodlines, of course, a daughter of him.


Isabeaux's mother really impressed us because of her open, friendly nature, coupled with high drives.

After a brown male (Basko), a black female (Ayla) and a black male (Index), a brown bitch now fitted perfectly to complete the whole ensemble.

Isabeaux already captivates us by her nature, her perception and her sociability. She grows slowly to a dream dog: In the house totally cuddly and at work very impulsive. Every day she asks for employment or working and urges her to do so.

Let's see what time will bring . . .